1. i finally made another quick shitty comic just to do it

  2. i made this minicomic at the queer scouts meeting a while back :) i had to re-arrange and edit it to be online viewable (in real life it fits onto 1 piece of paper and folds into a 4.25” x 2.75” booklet). let me know if you want one! i’ll make one for u for one dollar. or a hug :)

  3. 1.8.14

    i apologize for the quality. whatever.

  4. 1.7.13

    i am so behind. what. anyway i visited an ethnic studies class last week and found my calling :T i think i’d have had to have been getting a credential in history to teach ethnic studies? well whatev.

    also i drew this on this grid paper, sorry for how weird it makes it look.

    also i drew this in 15 minutes lol. sure you can tell!

  5. joined a gym about 2 weeks ago and can’t stop climbing. loooooove it :)


  6. sobriety is boring :T

  7. whoa.

  8. the other one was technically the 31st so this one is the 1st lol.

    i want to get in the habit of doing a comic of the day before. so i don’t get crunched.

    anyway it feels like i’ve lost so much snot through my nose over the last week i could cover the entire bay area

    also partly why i didn’t go out on new year’s eve

  9. 1.1.2014

    me and my really fun new year’s

    (i had a cold and my knee hurt and i didn’t feel like going out)

  10. as you can see, this is from all the way back in august.

    i haven’t made any comics since then :(